I am the proud mother of three handsome little boys. As a working mother of three, sleep has always been important for me. Managing three little kids, a household and work is a busy task and it would not be possible to do if I had three kids not resting well and sleeping through the night. Due to my need to train my kids to sleep and my need to regain my own sleep back and help my family from the effects sleep deprivation was causing us, i was motivated to train my kids to sleep at night. All three of them are great sleepers from babies and know that sleep is not negotiable.

My mission

It is my mission to educate families that sleep is a strategy that can be taught and a habit that can be established.

I truly believe that teaching your children to sleep independently can help all mothers and families overcome the difficulties of sleep deprivation that can harm our relationship with our kids, our spouse and ourselves.


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Sofia, Bulgaria