Sleep education

I am a devoted person, who believes that sleep is a necessity and a skill that can be taught!

Helping tired parents regain their sleep and teaching their young ones independents sleeping skills

I am passionate about what i do and believe that any child can be taught independent sleep habits.

I am confident that my individual approach, style and support will absolutely be an asset to your child’s growth.

Sleep Myths

  • Babies are supposed to NOT sleep through the night
  • Sleeping less during the day will make your child sleep better at night
  • Going to bed late results in later morning waking

3 Sleep Tips

  • Create an appropriate sleep environment
  • Create a bed time routine you can follow through
  • Be consistent and aim for early bed time

Sleep facts

  • An infant needs between 10,5-12 hours of night sleep
  • Sleep has a direct link to infants’ development and growth. 
  • Babies moves from light sleep (known as REM) to deep sleep (known as NREM) every 50-60 minutes